Latest news on Trees

There will shortly be a programme of tree works in our Alexandra Road
Park.  These are part of Camden Tree department’s regular review of trees
in the borough.
Our trees have a had a thorough review and I am happy to report that
very few need to be felled.
These few include trees that are leaning and are therefore
dangerous or trees that are too close together where some will be
removed leaving one with more space to grow to its proper height.  Some self seeded trees within the fabric of the building will also be removed.  Some of these, amazingly, have grown to quite a height and it will be sad to lose them, however there will also be a tree planting programme which will ensure that in the future trees in the park will
be of different ages.
As you all know we are working on the final plans for our forthcoming
Heritage Lottery bid which will be presented in February 2013.
Watch this space for details of the forthcoming workshop on the 17th

Elizabeth Knowles, Chair of the Friends of Alexandra Road Park


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