Our Conservation Management Plan

Alexandra Road Park is currently trying to secure funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to rejuvenate the park and has formed a resident and Council partnership to work towards submitting a funding proposal to the HLF in February 2012.

As part of the HLF funding bid requirements a number of documents have to be prepared to support the funding bid. These include; a Conservation Management Plan, Activity/Audience Development Plan, Management and Maintenance Plan and a set of design proposals for improvements to the park.

The Conservation Management Plan sets out to record the parks significance as an important twentieth century landscape set in the context of a Grade 2* listed housing estate, which is considered to be a significant design. It also sets out to record the benefits of the park socially and makes recommendations on its long term care and management.

As the other documents and reports are finalised they will be loaded onto the web pages for downloading.

Conservation Management Plan for Alexandra Road Park 2012


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