Take part in National Bat Monitoring survey!

As many of you will know, in the past bats have been spotted in Alexandra Road Park. This year new bat boxes have been put up in some of the larger trees in the park, so hopefully there will be even more of them around now.

If you’d like an excuse to watch out for them this year, you might like to take part in the National Bat Monitoring Programme anytime in June, July or August. This year’s Sunset/Sunrise survey form is available to download here. To see last years survey, click here.

Happy spotting!


Update on park works

We understand that the park works will be completed at the beginning of July 2015 – so the park will be ready and reopened in time for the summer holidays!

The park is looking fantastic and is very nearly finished now – we have uploaded some photos from our site visit earlier this week here, do take a look.