Update on park works

We understand that the park works will be completed at the beginning of July 2015 – so the park will be ready and reopened in time for the summer holidays!

The park is looking fantastic and is very nearly finished now – we have uploaded some photos from our site visit earlier this week here, do take a look.



1 thought on “Update on park works

  1. I am delighted to see the progress report so detailed. It is looking like a diamond; what a transformation! As a resident, I can’t wait for the park to reopen and life outdoor resume in the community enjoying the beauty of our priviledged park. Kids will be thrilled to play in the new grounds and to practice sports in the newly finished sports area. I foresee a lot of picnics in the grounds. Thank you for the wonderful work you have been doing Liz, Eleanor and Sara. You have been working constantly and persistently from the start to see this project to the end. Let us Celebrate!!!

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